pretty scarves

Creative Uses For Those Pretty Scarves in the Drawer

Thousands of American women love their scarves elegant colors and fabrics but often end up hiding the beautiful accessories in drawers. That is often because, unlike Europeans, U.S. girls are not usually taught the many creative uses for those pretty scarves hidden under the lingerie. Fortunately, with a little research, anyone can find ideas for using the useful pieces in dozens of ways.

Scarves Around the Neck Look Chic

A colorful scarf worn around the neck can add a dash of color to a business suit, add modesty to a plunging neckline or simply act as an elegant necklace. A fashion-forward wearer can use several scarves or create many looks with the same one. Some options include:

The loose tie with one long end in front and one in back
A loose, large knot in the front, with both ends hanging in the front
The scarf wrapped loosely around the neck, opening in front and not tied
A scarf wrapped completely around the neck, with the ends tucked into the back (ideal for cold weather)

A Headscarf Is Still Fashionable

Although it is uncommon to see the 50's era scarf-tied-under-the-chin head covering, it is still a fashionable option for windy days. The colorful accessories can also be used as head bands that are tied under the back of the hair. They are often worn around the forehead and tied at the back of the head, over hair. A bright scarf around a ponytail adds pizazz, while fashionistas may wrap all of their hair in bold bright scarves and then form then into chic turbans.

Big Scarves Are Ideal Accessories

A creative woman can turn a large scarf into a multi-purpose accessory. Tied to a handbag, it adds dash, glamor and interest. Many women have also mastered the art of turning the scarf itself into a large bag. With just a few strategic knots, a favorite oversized scarf instantly becomes a unique casual carry-all.

Fashionable women know that a lovely scarf is incredibly versatile and perhaps even essential to being well-dressed. There are dozens of ways that scarves can be used to decorate or protect the hair or become instant neck pieces. Bigger scarves also make wonderful accents and can easily be turned into instant handbags.